At Guarango we are an interdisciplinary team of audiovisual professionals committed to the people and development of Peru.
Ernesto Cabellos Damián   Ricardo Cabellos Damián   Estefanía Canales Escobedo   Julio Castro
Ernesto, better known as Tito, began his film career under the tutelage of the Swiss producer Stefan Kaspar. In 1994 he co-founded Guarango, a filmmaking association that continues to this day. At Guarango, Tito has directed four films, written screenplays, edited and recorded, sought funds for Guarango projects and produced for international broadcasters such as BBC World.   Ricardo is the executive producer and post-production director at Guarango. He's been in charge of editing, production and post-production. He's an audiovisual tech savvy and therefore, has completed the final mastering of many local movies.   Estefanía is an industrial engineer with digital animation & motion graphic courses. She's interested in process optimization and specifically the post-production chain at Guarango. Through the years, she's taken an active part in many social movements such as for women's rights and sexual diversity.   Julio is all terrain: he can shoot at 4000 meters altitude, be the sound operator for interviews with the most famous chef in Peru, and also sail Amazonian rivers for three days at a time to bring food to the rest of the crew.
Núria Frigola Torrent   Jorge Sabana   Ana Collantes   Juan Pablo Soto
Núria is Peruvian and Spanish. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communications and has worked for years in communications campaigns on human rights at Amnesty International. She’s about to get a Master's Degree in Human Development. Apart from producing documentaries, Núria has her own theater company, and she produces and acts in improv and stand up comedy shows.   Jorge, also known as “handy,” studied Communications at University of Lima. He’s been the colorist for 14 films produced locally and has years of experience in post-production, which is how he knows all the tricks to make movie magic work. He shares his time with another passion, music, playing bass for the band Terreviento.   Ana is the most efficient administrator in the cinema industry in Peru. She is not only in charge of contracts, payments and all Guarango organizational life, but also handles with immense joy and solvency the complex budgets of a feature film. Ana has made her career in non-profit organizations working for development.   Juan Pablo is the man behind Guarango’s logistics. He works to assure that our crews travel safe. He’s recently graduated as an administrator, so be careful, because he can visit you and drop the bill promptly!
Héctor Gálvez (director and scriptwriter)
Aldo Cáceda (Director, producer and scriptwriter)
Carlos Sánchez Giraldo (Director of photography)
Antolín Prieto (Editor)
Fabricio Deza (Editor and producer)
Verónica Pérez (Producer)
Malú Cabellos (Director)
José Balado (Sound designer)
Jorge Sabana (Colorist)
Martín Choy-Yin (Composer)
Have worked with Guarango:
Stefan Kaspar, co-founder (1948-2013).
Marino León
Juan Manuel Calderón
Rafo Cabellos
Omar Forero
Renán Bartra
Carlos de Pomar
Maite Cigarán
Eliana López
Edgardo Castañeda
Luisa García Alva
Alex Cruz
Maricella Vilca
Verónica Pérez
Julia Gamarra